Monday, 6 July 2015


Phone case, Iconemesis*

This phone case has been a bloggers fave over the past few months. I wanted to blog about it a while back but life kinda got on top of me! This case always appealed to me as it wasn't too fussy, it had that minimal classic look going on. I'm not a floral kinda girl - but I love feathers and the soft, elegant look of this phone case. No wonder so many others love it. You can get your hands on this phone case or other various styles at Iconemesis. They have some great styles on there and I would definitely recommended. Fast delivery too which is always a bonus.

I feel ashamed to say I didn't blog all June. You know third year of University? Well I feel like I had my third year at work but my 'third month' instead. I worked hard though and achieved what I needed too and have been officially signed off my three month probation period! I'll be posting some more posts, catching up on what I have been up to and updating you on a few things, so watch this space.



Sunday, 17 May 2015


Over the past month I have been collecting various bits and pieces to make my room feel my own. With lots of help from Pinterest I know exactly how I want my room and future interior in the future. Itching to have my own place to sort out.

I'm still loving the pineapple hype and I spotted one in NEXT a few weeks ago along with a rose gold apple. Quirky editions to go onto my bookshelf - I just need a green plant on there too. Books, Vogue mags and shoes also on display too.

My walls are white and I am putting together a range of frames with inpo quotes in and fashion icons. I will put these all on my walls like some sort of collage I guess! Can't wait till that comes all together. Examples below.



Friday, 15 May 2015


Top, Primark. Trousers, Topshop. Shoes, New Look.
Top, ASOS. Skirt, Missguided. Shoes, New Look.
Jacket, top, jeans, shoes, New Look. 
Coat, Missguded. Trousers, Missguded. Top, Primark.

Hey all, my week in outfits. Think I had a thing for white this week. My fave were the first two.

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