Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Instagram #13

So as you can see, lately my life consists of Starbucks and vogue. ( ha jokes but how perfect would that life be ) I only purchased Decembers edition on Saturday since my last purchase in August. Oh and ok so yeh I have had Starbucks and Costa's here and there but in my ideal world it would be on a daily basis. My Instagram shows that I am obsessed with white ( this is true though) and that I seem to live in my room taking photo's and posting shit ( but pretty shit) on my bed. Well that is my life most of the time. It's a wild one. I do have a life occasionally. For example the other Friday night I had the best Porn Star Martini when I went out my my friends for drinks - thanks Revolution Bar. And last week I went to the Lincoln Christmas market which is one of the biggest markets out there. Stalls from all around and it makes for such a nice festive evening with your friends and family. My fur scarf and a honey and almond hot chocolate from Starbucks came in handy that night!


Monday, 8 December 2014

The snake skin skater


Another pair of beauty's to add to my shoe collection. I love that feeling of an organised wardrobe and when all my shoes are aligned so perfectly with my fave ones on show. It's now a perfect mix of black boots, cut out shoes, loafers, skater shoes and nb's. I rather clear out clutter and own a selection of shoes I wear on a daily basis then have to rummage through a lot of ' I am never going to wear them again'.  So these snake skin skaters are from Topshop for just £20. I was torn between the black croc design, but I thought I would stay clear from all black for once... even though the snake skin ones hardly scream out colour. Let 's face it, I'm just not going to change my style any time soon. If you like it then I'm glad you keep reading my blog and I hope I inspire anyone who have a similar taste!


Saturday, 6 December 2014

Loafers and Chelsea boots

New Look

This post has been long time coming, with being ill and having a broken laptop ( I have to borrow someone's to blog till it gets fixed) so it has been a bit delayed. Anyway, if you have not already seen on Instagram, here are my most recent shoes I have purchased. A chunky pair of Chelsea boots and some patent pointy loafers. The boots are actually really comfy and easy to walk in despite the heel. Nothing stops me from wearing a bit of a heel in the day - these short people like to feel a bit taller occasionally you know. And the loafers are just beautiful and classic and would go perfect with some tailored trousers and an oversized camel coat. Outfit dreaming.


Sunday, 30 November 2014


Outfit, New Look.

As you can see, I am once again in some form of a check skirt. Slightly having a skirt phase at the minute. I'm also wearing a boyfriend jacket/coat, a stretchy turtle neck and some cut out peep toe boots with some tights. It's all about high necks tops - they are wardrobe essentials. Also as you can see I am wearing New Look everything.  I have never stated I work at New Look on this blog because I was told I wasn't aloud to mention it on social media. I then discovered it was fine to say it - if I don't reflect the company badly. I don't actually have to wear New Look to work, but I do most of the time. It's nice to find my fave pieces and embed them to my style. I get an amazing discount too so I love finding things that suit my style at a fab price. Working in fashion retail has been something I have done throughout University. I love working with clothes everyday and maybe that is the path I am going to continue pursuing in the future (I would love to go into Buying). But let's see what the future brings , it isn't exactly an easy thing to get into. I am currently taking my version of a 'gap year'. I did my GCSE's then my A - Levels, then I went straight to Uni. Where was my break to discover what I really want to do. So there we go, a little extra thing you know about me.