Thursday, 28 August 2014

O U T F I T | Gingham and black.

OUTFIT: Shoes, Topshop. Trousers, Primark. Jumper, Topman. Top, Topshop. Jacket/coat, Newlook.

My parents went away to Turkey a week ago and like a good daughter I looked after the dog for the week. Our black Pug called Charlie who is the biggest cutie going. I have pug obsession. So while getting up every morning at 8 am to walk him then walking him again in the evening time I practically lived in big jumpers, jeans/leggings and my Topshop dupe Birkenstocks oh and my boyfriends Raybans. When I did go out properly, I then lived in my black duster coat. What I like about this one is that it is not too long. I just don't think I could personally pull off really long duster coats which I pin/tumblr all the time because of being so short. I'm 5 ft 1!
I have a lot going on lately which I am really excited about and which is making me such a happier person. I love fashion, I love history (esp American) and I did it at University and I love the fact of having a purpose in life. I want my life to be about helping others, indulging in the fashion and visual world and to focus on a career which will make me happy. I'm torn between two routes but time shall tell which one I should take. In the meantime I'm happy blogging and whatever else life throws at me.

llh x

Monday, 25 August 2014

L I F E | Instagram #11

I have truly been an awful blogger lately. I am not even going to bother with excuses because quite frankly I don't have very good ones! Anyone can fit in time to do a blog post even if it is just a simple inspiration post or a instagram filler. I am going to pick up my game and just blog. Blog about anything that I am thinking about, lusting after, buying, wearing etc. Starting the ball rolling with some insta snaps.

llh x

Friday, 8 August 2014

I N S P I R A T I O N | Style #9

Source: tumblr & pinterest

I can not wait for the transition to Autumn. I just purchased a black duster coat and a midi length grey cardigan this morning and I just hope I can wear them soon. I just want the right weather balance so I can wear sandals with a fedora and a long cardigan/coat. This weekend is set for dreariness but the past few weeks it really has been farrr too hot. I swear I always moan about the weather.

llh x

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

O U T F I T | Mesh, chunky sandals and palm print.

OUTFIT : New Look

I have so many outfits I want to blog in and I really hope I can snap them soon. In the meantime this is just a casual outfit that I went to work in. I never was one for shorts - unless they were vintage denim 'Mom' types. But there was something about these ones that I liked ( probs just the print) and the fact that the weather is so hot shorts are pretty easy to wear so how can you really resist.

llh x

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

N E W I N | Recents.

My wardrobe currently stands at a mix of tropical prints, monochrome and some pastels. I went crazy for palm prints this summer all above from New Look. Then on the opposite spectrum, I invested in a musty pink duster coat. Yes PINK. When do I ever wear pink? I made it work with my style by constantly pairing it with my Birkenstock dupes. I also got my hands on tailored 'jogger' type trousers which feel like pj's. Oh and finally, after I spoke about them LAST summer, I have the faux leather runner shorts from Topshop. It has been so hot lately how could I not justify buying more shorts. Someone asked me the other day why I love wearing black. I said because too much colour can look too much in my opinion. So there we have it, that's the reason guys.

llh x