Saturday, 18 July 2015


To all you ladies fortunate to be photogenic, I am so envious. If you have not noticed by now, I am a fan of photo's with my phone in front of my face or a selfie of only half my face. It's just my thing I guess and I don't ever feel natural taking a selfie any other way (unless the rare occasion I look kinda normal).

I popped on these photo's to show you my everyday go to look. It's so damn boring but so me. My hair is a silvery/ashy blonde and I achieve this through lightening my hair then adding a silver shampoo toner by Bleach London. My hair is currently quite long in length and I have been thinking about cutting it a lot shorter (Should I?) however I rarely straighten it but just blow dry it straight. I'm not really one for fancy hair do's. I like to keep things minimal and most of the time my hair is down, unless I pop it in a messy up do for work out's or occasionally half up half down/ all up when I can be bothered to.

My everyday make up is so so easy. I hardly wear anything! I don't contour, I don't wear blusher as my cheeks are rosy enough on their own. I wear a lot of foundation purely to cover up my freckles however I'm fortunate to have really clear skin but prone to redness when I come out of the shower. My eye makeup is pretty basic too. A nude eyeshadow which you can barely tell I have on and some thick eye liner with a flick, mascara and more eyeliner below my eye.

Foundation wise I mix a light and dark shade together of Revlon 24 hour ColourStay for oily/normal skin. I pop this on with a Real Techniques brush. I don't use powder as it makes my skin really dry. I then top it off with a nude lip (Rimmel Kate Moss) and sometimes I add lip liner.

I don't have any 'go to' products for my mascara or eyeliners yet. Any suggestions would be perfect.

And that's it! Easy, simple and my everyday go to look.

I would love to know people's thoughts. Is this too basic, is it just right, would you add any other products? Let me know and ask anything and I will reply back to your comments.


Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Top, New Look. Jeans & Sandals, Topshop. Bag, La Moda.
Jacket & Shoes, Topshop. Skirt & Top, New Look.
Jacket, Topshop. Top, Shoes & Jeans, New Look. Bag, Primark.
Jacket, Skirt, Top, New Look.

Here are some outfits I have been wearing lately. My two faves are my casual all black look and my minimal sleeveless jacket and stripe top look with some killer heels. I am a pro at driving in heels now - what are flats? Trainers and sandals are my go to shoes for the weekend, heels are my go to shoes for work in the week. My current clothing loves include - black fringing, ripped jeans (yes still) and sleeveless jackets. Which outfit do you prefer?



Monday, 13 July 2015


Hey hey. It's been a while since I had a blog catch up. I can't really tell you much interesting if I am being honest. A few night's outs here and there with my friends, trips to London here and there for work and shopping and working out here and there in spare hours. 

I am currently on a mission to get my body up to scratch for my holiday in august, I'm fortunate enough to be naturally quite slim but that does not mean I'm toned at all. I have been going to the gym with my boyfriend here and there and when apart I work out in the comfort of my own house ( good ol' youtube video's) to help focus on my abs, inner thighs, bum and waist. They are the key area's I am trying to work on. Just wanting some definition on my abs and toned legs. #determined

I feel like July is already going really quickly! Summer flies. I have slowly been building up my summer wardrobe but I really can't get into this whole bohemian vibe. I'm far too minimalistic for all that however I have swayed to black fringing pieces. I purchased a black fringed sleeveless jacket and a black midi dress with fringing at the bottom. #allblackeverything standard really..

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