Saturday, 28 March 2015

Long cardigans and dresses

Dress and Shoes, Topshop. Cardigan, New Look.

A simple and minimal look I put together the other day. So simple yet one of my favourite outfits, especially paired with my Topshop peep toes. PS if you like these kinda shoes, Primark are selling a similar version so keep an eye out!

I'm spending most of the day indulging in Game Of Thrones. I have truly become addicted. For a long time I judged it and thought it wouldn't be my thing - I'm more into Made In Chelsea and Sex and The City.  However I gave Prison Break a chance and loved it, Heroes a chance and was hooked - don't judge a book by its cover and all that and guessing I'm not as girly as I think when it comes to films and TV!  So much rave over GOT and I can see why. Gory and crude but I can't stop watching it.

Happy Saturday.


Friday, 27 March 2015

Instagram #15

Okay so not all of these photo's I posted on Insta.

So the past week or so has been quite packed full. One too many cocktails involved, especially last night for mine and my friends work leaving meal and drinks. Then Monday evening I went to a place in Lincoln with some old uni friends for a bite to eat and some drinks for a catch up. Yesterday I drove to Hull with my old housemate from uni to visit our other past housemate (hope you are following) to see her new baby boy she just had. Adorable is all I can say. I bought the most cutest little memory box from Next that says 'baby born in 2015' on it so my friend can keep all the little sentimental memories bits and bobs inside. It's been a sociable, fun week and I am making the most of it as soon I will be seeing some of these people less as I'm moving away from Lincoln but will go back up most weekends to see my boyfriend. Me and my boyfriend went to Nando's on Wednesday also - feeling like a lady of leisure this week. I went to Alton towers not too long ago with my boyfriend and his family which was cool and made me feel like a big kid again. The Smiler has to be the best ride there - crazy good.

You can usually catch up on my daily life happenings on Twitter or Instagram most of the time so follow me on there if you care enough. Oh I also got my hair done! Finally my ends are not so split anymore. Would have gone into more detail but so much went off I can't keep up - thinking of investing in a dairy again so I can note down my week better and not forget everything I have done. That may be a plan. Then again soon I'm going into 9-6 Monday - Friday work so maybe life will not be so sporadic anymore!


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

That White Jacket

New Look

A white jacket needs to be a staple item in anyone's wardrobe at the minute. Paired with leather look jeans, turtle necks, or in my case a really short turtle neck dress. Perfect for a cocktail evening out with friends. Get your hands on one! (Just be extra cautious not to get tan/foundation/drinks spilled upon it - oh no)

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