Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Francis and I started looking for houses/flats to buy around November last year. We made an offer for a one bed flat in West Bridgford in Nottingham. A favourite place of ours for meeting up with friends and socialising but very expensive for house buying! We were gazumped by a higher offer; therefore maybe this was a sign that the flat was not meant to be and there was something better round the corner.

A two bed cottage came up in the village my boyfriend and his family lives in. A lovely part of Nottingham, still in the area of Rushcliffe and next door to West Bridgford. The location was perfect however I’ve never lived in a village before! Luckily from spending time with Francis and his family, I already know so many people around the area and have already spent a lot of time in the local pubs! I’m so happy we have bought a house instead of a flat as there is a lot more space and it shall be a lot easier to sell in the future.

The Cottage 

So, our new place is a very old building with cottage features. A quaint and cosy space with lovely rustic doors and brick feature walls which add such lovely character. What’s great is the whole place has been refurbished and painted neutral so we don’t have to change anything straight away. 

The Process 

People say buying a house is really stressful! To be honest, I haven’t been as stressed as I thought I would be. The most stressful point for me was getting a move in date arranged which seemed to constantly drag on and I needed to organise my time off work. Luckily, we got the keys the same time Francis' half term had fallen. He has been amazing and I could not ask for a better boyfriend; I love him to pieces. 

We made an offer for the house in early January and have moved in early April. With having no chain, I thought the process would have been a lot quicker. Our solicitor was really thorough with the searches as the cottage was a refurbished building so the process took a lot longer than usual.


This week we have had to buy so much. Wardrobes, hoover, washing machine/tumble dryer, dressing table, bed, utensils; the list goes on. The only item we have financed is our sofa which is on the way next week. I'm so pleased we have saved a good amount so we could buy a lot of items at once. On top of this you have solicitor and mortgage adviser fees, but it all will be so worth it. Buying a home is a huge hurdle and once achieved we can relax and have trips away again which is so important to us as there are a lot of places out there we still want to see. When halving the mortgage between us both and paying bills it still works out cheaper than the all inclusive rent I was paying in my flat, which is amazing. 

I’ve dreamt of having my own place to put my own spin on for ages. I’m so incredibly happy and excited. Our friends and family are the most important thing for Francis and I and we can’t wait to start inviting them round to our new home. I also can’t wait to have the second room as my dressing room...

If you have any questions about buying a house, you are going through it or thinking about it then please ask away as I would love to help.  As first time buyers we had to ask so many people for advise! 

Much love


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