Monday, 19 February 2018


This weekend, I spent some time organising and removing the clutter from my room. I have a month left in my flat, therefore I need my room to be nice and tidy for any potential tenants who may look around. 

Decluttering can be so overwhelming and I thought I would put together a quick guide to help you become clutter free and achieve a room/house that makes you feel proud and happy.

Find a Good Place to Sell

When you declutter, you'll have piles to sort through. Some things you will throw away, and some you will recycle, and some you will want to sell to make some money. eBay is great, but it's certainly not the only website or app that you can sell old, unwanted goods on. I personally find Depop to be the best way to sell my unwanted clothes. If you have any other suggestions then please comment below! 

Start Small

If it's all just too much, start small. Choose one room, perhaps your bedroom or bathroom, or even just an area like your dining table. Focus your energy on clearing it of anything that you don't either love or need. If something doesn't bring you joy or make your life easier or better, put it in the recycle, sell or throw away pile. 

Stick to a System

When working on a room or area, you may find that top to bottom doesn't work for you. You might prefer to do a small area, before cleaning it completely and moving on to the next section. If you find a system that you enjoy and gets the job done well, stick with it. 

Make a Playlist

Decluttering can be a long and exhausting process. It can even be a little emotional, as finding old things you haven't seen for a while can bring back all kinds of memories. So, try to make it easy on yourself, and even fun if you can. Create a decluttering playlist full of fun, upbeat songs. Usually, I like chill and relaxing songs - Bon Iver and Sam Smith were my saviours this weekend. 

Enjoy It

A clean, organised space can make you so much more productive in life. If you are finished on a Sunday afternoon, then you will have a great start to the week. 

If you have any other tips that help you stay on top of things or help motivate you towards a spring clean, then I would love to know!


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