Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Hey lovelies. With Valentines day around the corner, I thought I would share a thinking post in regards to date nights.

Whether you’re into Valentines and romance or not; there’s nothing quite like getting ready for a date with your partner or the excitement of heading somewhere with somebody new. Therefore, ensuring that you have regular dates and date nights lined-up with someone is a great way to break up the monotony of work and home life, and to give yourself something to look forward to and make an effort for. I'm quite lucky because Francis and I always try to squeeze in a few dates nights!

It might be the case that you’ve been to all the best bars and restaurants in your city and are ready for something a bit different, or a change of scene. Or, maybe you’re currently in a new relationship and want to make sure that you’re both enjoying each other's company and have similar interests.

Therefore, it could be time to look further afield regarding your next outing together and start thinking about new experiences you could enjoy as a couple. Nobody is saying that you should give up your favourite tapas restaurant or coffee shop; it’s more about introducing something to break-up a normal routine and have fun while doing so. There’s no time like the present to book your next trip together or an activity that will be the most fun you’ve had in a while. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who want to give their next date night a boost, for some quality time to remember.

Thrill Seekers

If you’re a couple who love a decent hit of adrenaline every so often (or regularly); you could book an activity to get your heart rates up together. An escape room is something a friend of mine has done lately and is a great way to get together with your partner and some of your friends so that you can work together on a task where the pressure is really on. It’ll be something different to try, and the experience could cement a fresh relationship through working together and seeing how well you can both handle the activity when the heat is on.


For something that’s less impactful on your heart rate, but still romantic; book yourself a day or a weekend away. Think about where you’d both appreciate seeing; whether it’s somewhere historical, a place that has great shopping, or a destination full of cultural hotspots. City breaks and country getaways are the ideal chance to spend quality time with one-another, without having to see the same old familiar places and faces. You could get tickets for a show, book a table somewhere special, or even base the trip around a particular festival. Even a one night stay in Paris can be a nice change.

Last year, Francis and I had many weekends away here and there. We visited York, and had day trips to Howard's Castle and Chatsworth House, which were all so beautiful and historic.

Whatever you choose to do; put the effort in at the beginning when you book something, and you’ll have plenty more dates to remember this year!



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