Monday, 27 March 2017


I headed to Reykjavik last weekend. The snow was fun and it was nice to get wrapped up and cosy! It was March so we had more daylight which was a plus.
£10 for a glass of wine, £15 for a cocktail, it wasn't cheap! Completely worth it though.
The Blue Lagoon was a great experience and something I have wanted to do for a while. Prosecco, warm water and face masks! Bliss. The wind was so cold though! The sauna and lunch topped it all off.
We did the Golden Circle tour and watched the geysers and saw some incredible views.
Iceland is definitely worth the hype and there is so much more you can do there. (I really wanted to go whale watching!)
I am more of a summer kinda girl but this was an experience I had to do. I am now ready for some sun though!

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