Wednesday, 15 June 2016


This post is a bit different to my usual posts. I thought I would discuss something that plays on my mind quite often. I'm in a long distance relationship. That means in the week I am free to do what I want. I work, I go out for drinks, I enjoy my own company, I get all cosy and dedicate Monday night to Made In Chelsea. I go to the gym, I blog  - I just have me time. However I would do most of this even if my my boyfriend lived around the corner.

I have seen a lot of people get into relationships and dedicate every day of every week to their partner. They start to lose their friends and they start to lose themselves. They make no effort with anyone else and rely solely on their boyfriend/girlfriend. What would they do if their partner got up and left one day? Who would they have to fall back on when they pushed so many away. I think it's really sad. Friends and yourself should always come first, however I am talking from an early 20's point of view.

I am a firm believer in enjoying your 20's, being young, figuring out yourself, focusing on your career and going on new adventures. Don't let yourself get in a rut and don't turn into a 35 year old before your time. You have plenty of years for all that.

I'm 23 years old and people my age or younger are engaged or have babies. If that makes them happy and fulfilled then fair enough. It is not for me. I want to treat myself here and there, I want to save money, I want to know that I could just get up and do whatever I wanted at the weekend, or jump on a plane for a weekend break with my boyfriend or friends because I have no huge responsibilities. I want to stay young and carefree.

I can't help but feel younger and get treated younger than young couples with babies, which is crazy when they are younger than me! It's the way it is though. I went to University and I feel that in itself holds people back in terms of life as we have three years of being young crazy students then we hit reality at around 21. Some then go travelling for a year and learn themselves even more which is great.

I'm enjoying life and embracing being young because you will soon regret it. So don't get tied up in a relationship and forget your friends and most importantly don't lose yourself and your ambitions. You get one life so make the most of it and do what is best for you while you can. You will only thank yourself in the future.



  1. Great pics! :)

  2. I've been in a long distance relationship for 4 years now so I can totally relate to this post. As tough as it is to be away from your boyfriend for long periods of time sometimes I find that having a clear divide for friend/boyfriend/me time can actually be a bit of help! Weekends I get to see him are spent together whereas time in the week I can dedicate to seeing friends or doing things alone. Finding a balance is definitely key!

    Jess // Jess Who

    1. It's not easy! It gives me more time to see friends but when they are with their boyfriend 24/7 it kinda sucks, which makes me rant in this post! You can get too caught up in your relationship especially when you are young. Xx

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