Tuesday, 12 January 2016


So here is a summary of some bits and pieces I have collected over the past few months and a few gifts I received over the Christmas period. (I really didn't fancy bringing up the C word, it seems like a distant memory now).

I'm first going to start with my new bra set. Lace and sequins, black and no padding. I have the world's smallest boobs so I never thought I would ever go without bra padding but oh my goodness I don't think I am ever going to go back now. The comfort of this bra is unreal. I feel free (well my boobs feel free) and it looks incredibly flattering. Especially paired with the high waist knickers. Sorry I don't have a photo of the undies but honestly, together it is a dream set. Thank you ASOS.

So next we have my croc makeup bag which was purchased from Next. It's real simple, but that's my thing. I'm so not over the croc look yet. It sits perfectly on my desk and also matches my daily bag. Win.

My desk or 'dressing table' is one of my favourite parts in my room. Tucked away in the corner with some quirky bits on there I found from TK Maxx. I have my Buddha head sitting on there as my obsession with Buddha's hasn't quite faded out yet. That is also the same with marble. I love my marble box from TK Maxx and I store my lipsticks in there. To top it off my Jo Malone perfume sits perfectly on my dressing table. I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift for Christmas. I got the most popular scent of 2015 which was Wood Sage and Sea Salt. It is subtle and heavenly. I'm so glad I finally own it!

Notebooks. I am such a sucker for quirky stationery. It is essential for me at work to have a notebook to write all my style notes down and consultations. I purchased the marble notebook from Oh Deer which is amazing for unique accessories. I purchased the polka dot notebook from TK Maxx. One for everyday notes and one for my consultations with clients.

There is nothing better then having a Calvin Klein set. Honestly. I have LOVED having this is my life. Lazy Sunday morning attire or the perfect bra for me when I am having a work out. Comfy, monochrome and minimal. My cup of tea fo sure.

And lastly, I have been obsessed with my new velvet heels and faux fur clutch (ASOS). These were the perfect Christmas and New Year accessories.

Within some of the photo's you may have also spotted a marble pear (Next) and the Oils of Life cream (The Body Shop) which I only apply on my forehead at night as I don't believe in heavily using anti-aging creams at my age just yet. I use a Simple moisturiser in the day with a high SPF. I bought the Body Shop Cream as a treat for my forehead which is a problem area of mine. I have a few deep lines there which irritate me so much. I'm hoping that will help knock them away or at least postpone getting any more! (It has great reviews).

So there we have it. My most recent loves. I have so many other bits and pieces to talk about but I may save them for outfit posts - so watch this space.


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  1. So many pretty thingggs!



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