Wednesday, 28 October 2015


This little munchkin is Charlie, the family pug who we have had for almost 5/6 years now.

I feel like there is a crazy pug hype lately, you either love their little squashed up faces or don't (but how can you not). They are not the easiest of pets to maintain though so be warned! They like to shed hair, they sometimes have breathing problems (Charlie had to have a major operation to help his breathing), they snore, they are gassy, they are greedy and they are SO mischievous. I love Charlie's cheekiness though.

Pugs are major lap dogs and follow you around everywhere, even when you pop to the bathroom. I find that so endearing though. They just want to snuggle you and love you. The cutest thing is when you come home and he starts wiggling his bum and gets so excited to see you. Or when you say key words like cheese, toast, choc choc or chicken and he tilts his head to the side because he knows exactly what you mean and he loves food. I wasn't really a dog lover until I had Charlie in my life and now I am obsessed with pugs of all kinds and dogs in general. I feel pugs in particular are so animated, have bags of personality and just want constant cuddles and affection which is perfect if you want a cosy snuggle on the sofa after a long day.

This post is a bit random but I just wanted to share him because how can you not love that little face!




  1. He is so adorable! I'm totally on board on the pug trend, though I've been wanting one in years

  2. aww im not so much on board with the pug hype but i love all dogs. i have a 12 y/o mongrel Barney (i like to call him Barnold haha) who I recently discovered has a heart problem. It made me so so sad but he was such a healthy dog for his whole life so Im happy this has happened at the later stage of his life! This post was really cute.


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