Thursday, 24 September 2015


I haven't done a wishlist/fave's post in absolutely ages. I haven't really been on a clothes splurge lately as I have tried to be good with my money, so I have resisted online shopping as I get tempted too easily.

I am starting them back up though and I have started with a Missguided recent fave's post. Missguided is sometimes my go to online brand to see if there is anything I may love as the prices are not too bad compared to the likes of Topshop. Although I love Topshop. There is also ASOS but for some reason it gives me a headache browsing through so much or I'll see something I like in the 'new in' section but it will be like £200 and I'll sulk that I can't afford it. So yeh, usually I'll just pop on Missguided first.

As you can see my fave pieces are all quite minimal and lack colour! Typical LLH style. Culottes - still love and need. A matching sleeveless belted jacket because it's all about belted jackets at the moment (skinny jacket belts were also a strong element of Topshop's SS16 collection at LFW). A denim zip shirt dress because it's different to my usual clothes. A white high neck dress because it's quite Kardashian and I'm all for that. A white tee dress with black sleeve trims for a laid back sport luxe vibe. And finally, a black duster coat with shearling trims. Love.



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