Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Hey all. So the weekend just gone I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Yes 23 and I still look 18. It is so depressing getting older and still looking young - soon no one is going to believe my age! People say I will love it when I'm in my 40's but for now, while I am in my 20's it sucks. People younger than you look older and in some sense you feel you get treated younger than you should. It's something I deal with though.

Anyways, on the up side. I had a fabulous weekend away with the boyfriend. We don't live together so getting time alone is rare so this trip was so worth it just to be on our own. We had a cosy weekend away at Center Parcs to enjoy the spa, lots of delicious food, wine and have cosy evenings snuggled up with the candles and fire on. Perfect. Also a competitive weekend with me beating Reece's ass at Badminton and rock climbing. (Jokes he totally beat my ass). A chilled but active weekend at the same time.

So I actually vlogged a little bit over the weekend but I haven't quite figured out how to put all my video clips together. It was my first time trying to vlog so it wasn't great either. I may upload or I may not (at this rate it's looking like I won't). It is something that I keep wanting to try doing though so we shall see.

For my birthday I received money, candles, cushions and some Calvin's. Reece made both of us a fry up and spoiled me all day - he is a good one!

I'm sure other 23 year olds may have spent there birthday a bit more wild but believe me I had a lot of messy birthday's back at university. This weekend was pure bliss and I would not have changed it.


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