Wednesday, 6 May 2015


The blogging mind block. When you miss a few days between a post, then miss some more as life gets on top of you - and then it's really hard to start up again. Even if it's only putting together a few photos and writing a few words, it can still feel overwhelming. Getting into work at 8.30am everyday and leaving at 6pm has left me feeling drained in the evenings. My body has not been used to full days Monday to Friday and I think my brain has been wondering when nap time was going to happen. Also stress. The stress of starting a new job, taking in everything new and learning so much. Also a many trips to London and back (in a day) has left me so drained and in much need of sleep catch up! Luckily my body and brain are now adjusting and hopefully now that I'm trying to fit some exercise in and eat some healthier foods - it  will help keep my energy levels up.

Also now the first few new weeks at work have passed, everything is clicking and everything is becoming less stressful because I feel more confident in what I'm doing and everything is becoming less overwhelming. I absolutely love the people I work with too. So now everything is coming together, I can concentrate on my blog again.  I always want my blog to be apart of my life and I will not be giving up on it anytime soon.

To sum up the past few weeks, I have baked two birthday cakes, celebrated my brothers birthday and my boyfriend's birthday (bought him a Daniel Wellington so now we are slightly matching). Had some meals out, traveled to London and back here and there for work purposes and been adding some new additions to my room as well as having a ton of early nights.
So overall busy, tiring but productive and fun! 

Popped a few outfit insta snaps on here too so you can see what I have been wearing here and there. In huge need of a good shop though!



  1. Gosh this does sound exhausting, hopefully your body will get used to it - I'm sure it will. Sounds all exciting!
    Don't wear yourself out too much :)

    Also I love your first outfit! X

  2. Such a beautiful and bright photos!
    You look like a princess! :)


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