Sunday, 12 April 2015


So I have gone pretty lifestyle heavy lately on the blog but really I have had zero time to do any outfit posts etc. Hope you like these kind of mini posts though. Yesterday I got back from London where I stayed for the week for work purposes. It's going to be a lot of back and forth for me while I get through all the training. I love London though so any reason to go down and I'm there. I'll be going again on Wednesday, and here and there when work have events etc. The company I work for is based in London but I work with a mini Nottingham team where I will be going tomorrow for the first time, so that's exciting.

My diet had been absolutely awful. Burgers from Five Guys ( yes I have finally found out what the hype was all about) to more burgers for lunch and pizza for dinner, to attempting to be healthy on one lunch break by grabbing an avocado wrap - I really don't think that helped though! It's kind of hard to eat right when you have to pretty much dine out every night and there is so much temptation. I had some drinks out Wednesday night when I met with my brother and I also indulged in cocktails Friday night with work which kinda left me tipsy that evening too. (Hooray to drinks all round on the company credit card ;) ) This week I'm kicking back and being HEALTHY. I need to detox desperately. I also did some window shopping one evening and went into Selfridges to dream a little. Jo Malone and Celine come at me please.

So today was a lazy one which I really needed to be fair as London has drained me. I have been trying to catch up on Game Of Thrones hopefully in time for Season Five to start. Wishful thinking really as I'm still on Season Three...

Hope you guys all had a good week!



  1. Five guys is the best. Sounds like your enjoying your new job! Hope meeting the new team goes well! x

    1. It was delish! And yeh was a great day thank you! X

  2. I love your istagram feed so I really enjoy these kind of posts!
    Your photography is on point, dear :-)

    1. Aw thank you! Means a lot as I do get a bit Instagram ocd sometimes ha! X


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