Friday, 3 April 2015

Instagram #16

Apologies on my slight blogging absence but I have been kinda busy! I officially moved back to my hometown last Sunday so spent the past few days organising, clearing and sorting things out. It then dawned on me that I lost my glasses. This was scary because sometimes I really need them when reading things from far away, simple things like looking at the train times on the small tv screens which I needed to do on Wednesday. So I had to rush and grab a new pair which was a sexy tortoise shell frame. I had also spent the past few days getting practice in my new car! Trust me, from driving a little old ford KA to a fairly 'newer' car is a lot of difference! I almost went through the windscreen because the breaks were so sharp in comparison.

So then Wednesday came along and I spent the past two days in London starting my new job. I absolutely love my new colleagues and everyone was so welcoming, humorous and fun. The office was located in a beautiful area called Little Venice, where there were gorgeous white brick houses and a canal full of little boats. Me and my new friend Loren both got placed in a hotel for the evening and had a meal at Garfunkel and a glass of wine as a first day treat.

Yesterday we finished early & everyone headed to the local pub/restaurant to celebrate the start of the Easter Weekend! Heading back on the tubes and train slightly tipsy, dragging suitcases was quite funny, I'm surprised we made it to be honest!

So I'm heading to Lincoln this weekend to celebrate Easter with my boyfriend and his family. Hope everyone else has a lovely weekend ( a nice 4 day weekend!).


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