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Skin and Hair Care Regimes

I'm a perfectionist when I want to be. I'm always thinking and planning things in my head for example, how I am going to organise my room, and what is going where etc. I'm a dreamer and a neat freak (so I desire to be, although laziness can get the better of me and on top of me then boom I have a floordrobe in my room). Every time I tidy it up I swear to myself it is never going to happen again because I hate being surrounded by mess, it really affects my mood. I am human and as much as I desire to have perfect surroundings, I do slip into bad habits.

I'm also a perfectionist in the sense that I'm already planning things that I'm eventually going buy / save up for. I have decided that I now really need to start taking more care of myself (now that I'm 23 this year argh) and hopefully figure out the perfect beauty care products and regimes. I am quite good with maintaining myself (well my skin not so much my hair and eyebrows!) but I know I'm still on a mission finding the right products.

The first thing which I desire in life is to have a skin cleansing regime and to stick with it. I think that if you get your skin used to one product then your skin will thank you for it. So I got my research on. I'm still not 100 % but I'm swaying towards Liz Earle. The price is not to over the top and the products all look appealing and professional and the reviews I have read have been great. I would use the Muslim Cloth and Cleanse and Polish cleanser to remove my makeup and clean my face, invest in the toner as well as the Skin Repair Moisturiser. Do this basic, simple routine everyday without fail and I'm sure my skin will thank me. At the minute and in the past I have changed my products all the time, from cheap brands to premium testers to the easy way out of face wipes and Micellar Water. I guess all this changing and swapping may be confusing to the skin?! I don't know, I'm no expert, but all I know is I want to constantly use the same things and see the results in a few years time. If anyone has any other skin care recommendations then please comment, as I would love to hear them.

Then we get to the body. I think I have had this figured out for a while now. I have been a regular user of The Body Shop when it comes to lotions, body butters and exfoliates. I don't think using a variety of products on your whole body is as bad as your face as your face is a lot more sensitive.(I am completely assuming though). I know though that when it comes to my body I will always alternate between Argan oil based products and Coconut Oil based products. Both exceptionally amazing for your skin. With the Argan range I use the body wash, the scrub and the oil which can be sprayed into your hair and all over your skin. On the odd occasion I will always use Palmers Cocoa firming butter for toning etc and I always focus this on my thighs and bum!

If I fake tan I will always use St Moriz. It's cheap but I haven't had any problems with it and it doesn't make me go too dark which is good seeing as I'm naturally fair. I have attempted to use higher end fake tans but I noticed little improvement and with one brand the tanning mitt split open after few uses! Fake tan is still an area I probably need to explore more, but for now, it's my last concern.

Other brands I occasionally use when it comes to skin that I recommend and would go back to occasionally as a treat would be LUSH. I love their Ocean Salt body scrub which can also be used on your hair to give it some volume.

Hair care for me is usually Silver Shampoo maybe twice a week using Bleach London Silver Shampoo, and for normal shampoo and conditioner I'm into Tresemme and use their hair heat protector spray. As with the tan, hair care is another area I want to do more research on.

I guess I just want to find the best products that I will want to use again and again and not have to keep changing (is that asking for too much?). I also want to make sure I'm using products that are going to keep my skin/hair healthy and young looking to be thankful for it when I'm older. Obviously eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, green tea and exercise need to be present in my life too.

Does anyone else have strict beauty regimes or go from one product to another all the time? I'm curious. I'll also be doing posts like this on makeup and items I'm lusting for lately.



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