Thursday, 5 March 2015

New room inspiration

So as I have a new job I am relocating from Lincoln to Nottinghamshire. This means another opportunity to redecorate another room, you guessed it - white. Here is a post of how my current room looks at the minute. I'm not going much different other than a few new accessories and I'm not having the grey throw or cushions anymore. I have been painting old furniture all morning so I most likely have paint in my hair as I type this. I have been hugely inspired lately and really inspired by Kate from GhostParties. She has that dream white wood floor flat going on that I one day lust for. I thought I would share my recent inspo's in this post with some images from Pinterest.

Below is a little inspo board I created to mix together items that I already have and new items I want to add to my room.

Key words into my current dream bedroom interior consist of,

Minimal, copper, black & white, pineapples, marble, h&m home, quotes, Buddhas, candles, fashion books, Vogue magazines, green plants, chic cushions, white bedding, ring hand stand, Jo Malone, Diptyque.

I know my taste isn't everyone's cup of tea. People think too much white is excessive and I often get asked how I keep it clean! But for how good it looks, it's worth the upkeep. If you want to know where anything is from then comment below. It's all a mix of items for h&m home,, Next,, Ikea and Urban Outfitters.

I'll keep you updated on my room progress and the finish!



  1. Love your style so much! Where abouts are you moving to? I live in Nottingham city centre! x

    1. Thank you ! Well I'm originally from a town in Nottinghamshire so I'm going to commute from there to my work which is on the outskirts of Nottingham so not quite the city centre! Going to save up some money and maybe look into moving into the city centre next year though hopefully :) x


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