Sunday, 8 March 2015

Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smiths

Finally! I have said countless times on this blog that I need some trainers in my wardrobe (I have New Balance but I meant I needed the bright white goodness of Adidas). The thing is, these were actually bought on a complete whim. I had no intention of purchasing these yesterday, it just kinda happened by impulse. It was a tough decision between these or the Superstars, or whether I grab the Stans with the hint of green or the black to stick to my monochrome ways. In the end I went with the Stans because I just prefer the look. The Superstars remind me too much of trainers I had back when I was a kid. I also went with the green to add something different to my look and they were a bit more quirkier. So there we have it, I can now have my tailored trousers and white shirt and trainer combinations or in this case a all black everything leather style jean look. Trainers are so big in the fashion world at the moment (example's on three different ways to wear below). They are no longer for the gym and are made to be blended in with everyday fashion. I'm loving it and I'm also so damn behind I know.



  1. OBSESSED with your style! x

    1. Thank you means so much to see comments like that :) x

  2. Love how you have styled these!
    I've been on the fence about buying them for a while because I wasn't sure how to go about styling them but you nailed it here!
    Ps. i have total hair envy.


    1. Thank you! (I think my hair was having a good day, it's split end central and really needs a cut!) I say buy them, play around with some looks in your room and if you're feeling it then keep them but if not you could always return them. I was still unsure spending the money but when I got home and popped them on with some outfits I was just convinced I needed to keep them x


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