Monday, 16 February 2015

Victoria Beckham

I have not touched upon an inspiration post lately, so here is a post focusing on one of my idols which is the gorgeous VB. I have mentioned being a fan of the Olsen twins a lot (well who doesn't to be fair), but another one of my inspiration has always been Victoria Beckham. Why? Well how can you not appreciate and respect the hard work she has put into her clothing label and also the challenge of being known and labeled as 'Posh Spice' to the transformed successful businesswoman and fashion designer that she now is. It is an enormous task to tackle the fashion world, be on the cover of Vogue and have your story featured, as well as being a mother of four children. If it was so easy for every footballer's wife or past singer to make a successful, respected high end clothing brand, well wouldn't they all be doing it? I also read in an article that Kim Kardashian has huge respect for Victoria Beckham and wants to follow in similar footsteps and so it just goes to show that she has influenced others.I have always thought Kim K inspired some part of her image upon Queen VB - but that's just my opinion.

What I adore about Victoria is her put-together style and the class that always comes with it. When do you ever see her make no effort? Probably never which is admirable as why should you ever let yourself go.  Also her determination and motivation to her career as well as establishing pretty much the perfect family - seriously perfect.

Oh and not so perfect... (sorry just had to)

This post was inspired by this weekend's Victoria Beckham show in New York. Vb flaunts off her new Autum/Winter 2015-16 collection. There was a focus on comfort with this new collection while still keeping it sexy and figure friendly. A neutral colour palette with the odd pop of colour, some chunky knits and roll necks and a warmth to the materials. Of course, she looked her usual put together self at the end of the show and rocking a all black everything look - my fave.

So my life aim - to be as put together as VB, establish a successful career while balancing a beautiful family and always looking your best. Can't be that hard right? Alright, okay no one is that perfect.

See more from the collection here


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