Saturday, 21 February 2015

LFW peaking and shopping

So if you are staying in London the week London Fashion Week is on, how can you not go and have a nosey. Friday morning I got on the tube and had a wander to Somerset House to take some snaps and gather some Street Style fashion inspiration. People go all out for fashion week. From crazy styles ( and I mean crazy) to the sleek chic looks to the people who opted to wear their trainers. It was nice to see the place where every Fashionista hypes over every year. It would have been nice to see some of my fave bloggers roaming around or maybe have bumped into Proudlock but I couldn't have stayed there all day and me and my boyfriend had planned an afternoon of shopping. So I decided to wear my snake skin Topshop shoes, ankle grazer trousers, turtle neck and coat.

We headed over to Westfield shopping centre and got a bite to eat at some Rib Shack place(the pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich was delish by the way, along with home-made lemonade). If I was on a diet that would have been far out of the window by now. I went to my usual favourite shops and obviously was in heaven due to the fact they stock way more variety then shops do back in Lincoln. It really makes you realise how good London is for shopping. It's so not fair. Oh and I finally browsed through h&m home!

In the evening I met up with my brother and we had a catch up over some drinks before we went to Planet Hollywood for a three course meal. I don't know where I am putting all this food! Then we went to Covent Garden for another drink. My brother works in Soho so it was really nice to see him again since Christmas.

It was a really busy but good day. That's the best thing about London - there is always something to be doing or something happening. I love it.

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