Thursday, 26 February 2015

High Street V Designer

I have always been a high street kinda girl. Obviously it's the fact that is all my budget can reach to. What if I won the lottery tomorrow, would things suddenly change? Maybe to an extent. If I'm being honest, I wouldn't go crazy for it. I have my designer favourites but that's really only a short list. There are some designers that I just don't buy into like most girls lust for - the Louis Vuitton brown tote being one of them. Just not my style and I'm not a fan of brown bags anyway! The high street is a production of inspired looks from the Cat Walks made at a reasonable price for most people. Some people opt for designer brands still for quality but I believe most crave it because of  popular brand names.

Brands on the high street that I would stay loyal too would be the following:

I love Topshop. I know it's a hype but I can walk into Topshop and come out inspired all the time. The keen detail on the mannequins, the range of style's and the latest trends are all reasons why it makes one of my favourite high street brands. You are even inspired by the people who work there who are pretty much walking Topshop mannequins, but I love it. I also love their In Store graphics and I have never (yet) had any issues with their clothing quality.

Urban Outfitters
For the quirky, hispter vibe they have going on and all sorts of cool inside that shop. Being someone that likes to play with looks, Urban Outfitters is always something a bit different and inspiring every time you walk inside.

Because Zara is classy and minimal and you can find some stunning pieces. I don't own a lot of items from Zara myself but I see a lot of Instagrams of items others have bought and I am always pressing my Like button.

For their basics and for their home section.

River Island & New Look
Well I always have to stay loyal to NL and they have some great finds, as with RI.

So what Designer brands would I actually invest in and what I wouldn't?

I would invest in:

I think I have made known quite a bit my love for Celine. I have to own a pair of their black, sleek Cat Eye sunglasses one day, I just have to. Them with a camel coat plus some Stan Smiths is a outfit on point.

Because they are known for Alexa's staple bag, and so life would be pretty chic with a Mulberry bag like Alexa's at your side. I love Chung's style and she is an inspiration of mine and I think Mulberry and their bag's would fit in well with the looks I go for.

ACNE Studios
ACNE is such a cool brand and I think everyone who loves a minimal aesthetic loves ACNE.

The Row
The Row remind me of Zara. Classy, sophisticated and minimal. And it was produced by the Olsen's so need I say anymore than that.

Calvin Klein
Okay just for their Calvin's of course.

Alexander Wang
To an extent. I loved Wang, but his recent lines where his name is stapled everywhere so boldly doesn't do much for me. However once this was a big fave of mine.

These would be my first go-to designer brands, however I'm sure I would invest in staple pieces such as coats from the like of Burberry or who ever else produced something that was to my taste. You can't knock designer quality, but it doesn't mean you need to buy everything designer. Stay true to you and your style and not a brand name.

This post was inspired by a blogger that has done extremely well for themselves being a 'high street' blogger. However recently their success has led to wearing such things as Victoria Beckham dresses and Prada Sunglasses (basicaly draped in things their readers probably can't afford). Are they wearing this because they can just afford to now and are they merging away from a style that was once 'them'? I don't think you should buy into things purely just because they have a designer name on it. Every brand I mentioned, I mentioned because they fit my style. I would never wear Prada Sunglasses no matter how big the name is because they aren't 'me'. You would never see me with a bag covered in Louis Vuitton because firstly I don't understand how a bag like that is stylish (my opinion). It has the brand written all over it, so what? Some may think the bag sits with their style, but I'm sure a lot buy it because of how big the brand name is.

Don't let money get to your head and buy things for the sake of it because of a name. It's good to be inspired, it's good to make it fit your style - it's not good to wear it to show off and follow the crowd. I look at Vogue and Elle to see what's coming in Season, but that doesn't mean I'm planning on splurging on those designers, but I will know what to keep an eye out for when I am looking at high street versions.



  1. Hi, Laura, really enjoyed your post! I've been reading for a while but never commented cause I usually read through my ipad and comments are a pain on there.
    I don't know which blogger you're referring to but I've noticed the same trend with Andy from Style Scrapbook. She used to say you don't need a lot of money to be fashionable and set up her blog in that spirit, but all I see now is extremely expensive hotels, flights and or course clothes. She's still a lovely person I'm sure, and her life surely isn't all glamour, but I do feel we are growing apart in our anonymous blogger-reader relationship. It looks like she wears designer pieces as part of her sponsored content but this is why she's slowly losing me as a reader - those pieces are so far away from my current life or budget that I just find we don't have much in common anymore.
    Anyway, you're absolutely right - I think a lot of people buy designer for the name and reputation. And marketing. I mean, just look at that ugly LV line that for some reason everybody wants ;)

    1. Thank you for taking the time out to comment :) I haven't heard of that blogger before, but exactly. I'm glad you agree with my post! x


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