Monday, 5 January 2015


At first I wasn't going to do a post like this. I'm not one for getting really personal on my blog. It's something that I have debated with myself for a while. To keep it just 'fashion' or to mix a lot of personal stuff and fashion together. I have discovered through reading blogs that I like, that the more personal they get the more I want to read on. I realised maybe that was missing from my own blog.

So basically I'm spending a minute reflecting on 2014. It has been a great year when I look back. I have so many things I have accomplished even when things got really hard.

I entered the year being on a Street Party in Edinburgh. The most beautiful city where my brother lived for a year or so. Around this point I also lost one of my best friends of eight years. You know that friend where you think you are going to be friends forever, it was like that. But you grow and you change and we just did not click like we used to. It's a shame but being apart this year made me discover myself a lot more (cringe but true). We used to be so tied to the hip it was like we merged into one sometimes. It's nice to be on my own and just be me. I have no idea what she is up to now, I'm the kind of person that seriously never looks back, but I hope she is well.

After that tough start to the year I had my rock of a boyfriend and discovered close relationships with others. I focused on my blog (up and down) throughout the year and got invited to a chic event in London. To be fair, this year I went to London a lot! Hyde Park, the Queen's birthday parade, being allowed on Ten Downing Street, doing other typical tourist stuff that I have done before etc. Another highlight was exploring Belfast with my boyfriend and his family and meeting all his Irish relatives. What was even better was that I also had a University Module on Ireland around that time, so I was extra curious about the place (lameeee).

Another challenging moment, facing the dreaded dissertation. I really had a breakdown with this one! Studying History but wanting to pursue fashion I was determined to involve fashion history in my 10,000 word study. I managed it in the end exploring the vibrant era of the American 1920's and the rebellious Flapper girl who adopted the Garconne look created by Coco Chanel. In September I graduated with a 2.1. Not too shabby. It was horrible parting from my house mates of three years but I'm glad we all still stay in touch now we live in different cities and chat occasionally on our WhatsApp convo - gotta love WhatsApp.

A proud moment of the year but not something I speak of much was being involved in the Miss Mansfield and Sherwood Forest Competition. I was approached to go for it and I didn't want to pass on a opportunity that involved creativity and volunteering. Having to take part in a mini fashion show, go on the radio and do public speaking was all a confidence builder and very out my comfort zone - especially the whole trying to walk and stand on stage properly - Miss can never walk in a straight line. I made some great friends it was all good fun. I won two awards which were  best 'Charity Write Up' and best 'Eco dress'. My dress reflected the charity I was supporting which was Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People based in the East Midlands. I personally visited the Hospice and it was an incredible place for any child to stay, have fun and be looked after. Embedding a rainbow design into an old recycled dress was also complete opposite to my usual style so I thought it would be a refreshing idea to involve myself in. It all paid off and I won a donation to my charity. Amazing.

Other reflections of the year to be thankful for is my boyfriend and his family as well as my own. I'm lucky to have a family that are there for me, a older brother who has done so well for himself and a younger brother who is my little pal. Not living at home makes you appreciate family so much more.

Now for 2015 is to focus on my career. I know what I officially want to persue and it's not being a History Teacher ( like I was actually debating at one point this year...) I only know I will be happy in a career where somehow fashion is involved.



  1. An insightful and lovely post. Congrats on your 2:1 !!

    It's your blog, you shouldn't feel restricted to adding things to your own creative space. 2015 is also the year to focus on my career too. Good luck, you'll be fab x


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