Monday, 19 January 2015

Platform heels and duvet days

So since my last blog post on Thursday I thought I would have a quick catch up upon life since then. I went to my home town to see my fam(and the pug) from Thursday evening through to Saturday morning. Friday consisted of me going shopping to get ingredients to make dinner for everyone which turned into a complete fail (note to self, start cooking more and get better at it). Practise makes perfect though right? Saturday morning I headed into the town to find something to wear for Saturday night out in Linc with friends. I HAD to buy new shoes because I honestly have ruined most of my heels during past nights outs...  Anyway, it turned out my home town was complete rubbish for shopping - well I already knew this. It still gave me a nice opportunity to walk round with my mum and brother and have a drink in Costa but then I shot off back to Lincoln for a second time round shopping trip. I bought cigarette trousers from Topshop along with some black platforms that were brand new in ( they also come in coral for those of you that are more colour loving than me). I paired them with a River Island striped bralette which  I loved instantly as I can not get enough of stripes at the moment. Personally I thought I had too much stomach showing and maybe some high waist trousers would have been more suitable but hey, I'm young and have actually been getting into my morning work out routine again, so why not get all the stomach also thank god for being quite naturally skinny anyway! Also I really wanted some cigarette trousers so this was really a perfect excuse to buy some. I have the River Island high waist trousers as can be seen in the previous post - but they are more baggy and far too long and I have to keep rolling them up which is just too much fuss sometimes. I love both types of trousers though. Cigerate trouser inspo deffo came from Phoenix love child. Style crushing for sure.

I also want some MOM jeans.

Oh Sunday was a date with me and my duvet.



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