Tuesday, 13 January 2015

He wears, she wears

Talking with my friend from work, he mentioned how much men and women are wearing all the same styles lately. The Daniel Wellington watch (he has one, I wanted one). Ripped jeans. Roll necks and fedoras (as we see in our faces every time you watch an episode of Made In Chelsea). New Balance and Stan Smiths once again are a winner with both sexes. Even wrapping a shirt around the waist can be a trend for both. Men would decorate themselves in tattoo's rather than clothes, whereas females expressed themselves more with fashion. However, now tattoo's are popular among the girls (most fashion bloggers I watch on YouTube all have tats). Now both sexes express themselves with their own form of body art these days. I like men and women's fashion being so similar lately. I find it refreshing that men can dress more in trend and follow trends that women are wearing - and not because they are gay. And a women can wear an oversized coat and a roll neck with some trainers to go a day in comfort. It's good to mix up smart and casual, feminine and masculine vibes.

Obviously this he wears, she wears has been on going for a while. The 80's was a decade of boyfriend fit styles for women and skinny jeans on men  were around since the 50's and even beyond that women were adopting boy shapes silhouettes in the 1920's.

Fashion is not just a woman's world or for gay men and I wish there was a range of more male blogs out there. More men are embracing more fashion forward outfits and I like a well dressed man! I like the fact Amy from The Little Magpie has her partner in occasional outfit posts where he is also showing what he is wearing. I hope other men follow in the same foot steps.

Just a thought I was thinking about really.


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