Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Camel coat problems

 So after deciding that I could no longer cope without a camel coat in my life, I took the plunge and ordered the Missguided Khloe Premium Waterfall coat. I was a bit too excited for it's arrival and then suddenly all a bit too disappointed at the sizing.  I have such a petite frame that I honestly can not pull off overly oversized coats, and this one drowned me. The size 6 was miles too big! The structure and style of the coat was gorgeous - so my plan was to exchange for the size 4. Then the next day at work I discovered a similar coat which suited me better length wise and fit. I found it in the 'label lounge' section in New Look by a label called A&G. So there we have it, my new camel coat which I'm actually wearing in the photo! It was also cheaper for me to invest in too so I was much more easily persuaded to buy that one instead of risking the size 4 from Missguided. It's always difficult ordering and getting sizing right etc, that's why I much prefer to actually go shopping and try things on. Finally in the end I got my camel coat and can now pair it with trainers, turtle necks etc!


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