Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Instagram #13

So as you can see, lately my life consists of Starbucks and vogue. ( ha jokes but how perfect would that life be ) I only purchased Decembers edition on Saturday since my last purchase in August. Oh and ok so yeh I have had Starbucks and Costa's here and there but in my ideal world it would be on a daily basis. My Instagram shows that I am obsessed with white ( this is true though) and that I seem to live in my room taking photo's and posting shit ( but pretty shit) on my bed. Well that is my life most of the time. It's a wild one. I do have a life occasionally. For example the other Friday night I had the best Porn Star Martini when I went out my my friends for drinks - thanks Revolution Bar. And last week I went to the Lincoln Christmas market which is one of the biggest markets out there. Stalls from all around and it makes for such a nice festive evening with your friends and family. My fur scarf and a honey and almond hot chocolate from Starbucks came in handy that night!


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