Sunday, 30 November 2014


Outfit, New Look.

As you can see, I am once again in some form of a check skirt. Slightly having a skirt phase at the minute. I'm also wearing a boyfriend jacket/coat, a stretchy turtle neck and some cut out peep toe boots with some tights. It's all about high necks tops - they are wardrobe essentials. Also as you can see I am wearing New Look everything.  I have never stated I work at New Look on this blog because I was told I wasn't aloud to mention it on social media. I then discovered it was fine to say it - if I don't reflect the company badly. I don't actually have to wear New Look to work, but I do most of the time. It's nice to find my fave pieces and work them into my style. I get an amazing discount too so I love finding things that suit my style at a fab price. Working in fashion retail has been something I have done throughout University. I love working with clothes everyday and maybe that is the path I am going to continue pursuing in the future. But let's see what the future brings , it isn't exactly an easy thing to get into. I am currently taking my version of a 'gap year'. I did my GCSE's then my A - Levels, then I went straight to Uni. Where was my break to discover what I really want to do. So there we go, a little extra thing you know about me.


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