Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Not the usual

Outfit, New Look.

I threw this dress on that consists of pinks and purples which usually is not me. I love this dress though. I loved the shape and the pattern - and I believed I could make it sit to my taste. And then here we have some freaky cool earings. I don't know why I like these but I just do. I like eye jewellery and I liked how these were different. Maybe a bit too different? I had to also get some emergency shoes - long story. They are not the classic Zara peep toes I lust for but a more chunky casual pair that will get me through in the meantime. Don't worry - I am intending on pairing with tights/socks to keep my feet warm, I really want need some boots though.



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  1. Loving the shoes, the earrings and the jacket!


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