Friday, 28 November 2014

Lace, fluff, and camel amongst other items

Well hey, and welcome to the A/W wish list of my dreams. Some of these items have been on my I NEED list for absolutely ages. It's a hard life finishing University this year and still being poor.

So firstly, the camel coat. I don't know how I run a style blog and don't have one of these in my wardrobe. It's a must have. Missguided are currently selling the Khloe Premium Waterfall coat which is everything a coat should be apart from the fact that it doesn't look that warm for the price it stands at. Usually I would be like, who care it looks good, but sorry I am just getting far too cold lately. The thing is, a good quality thick camel coat is probably going to not come cheap and that is probably why I don't have one yet.

Pointy black loafers. I have some on the way from New Look here. Someone Insta snapped them and they looked too good not to buy. Finally I have some form of a 'smart' shoe coming my way. Oh they look fab in gold too.

Thigh boots. Ok so in my previous post I meantioned I had yet to find the perfect over the knee boots. Well here we have them. Over at Public Desire or River Island ( but apparently they are selling incredibly fast ) I understand why. Black, simple, tight fitting up the legs and a chunky sole. Just be careful what you wear with these so you don't come across er goth or too vampy.

Fluffy sandal heels. I think Celine brought these wonders into style. There has been a total craze over these shoes and I love the quirkyness of them. Perfect with a minimal outfit in my opinion It's got to be all about those shoes.

Leather skinny jeans, that also are ripped. Two in one. Rips and leather. Match them with a camel coat, oh and your pointed loafers and you are good to go for sure.

Lace, paddless bras. Well these are just perfect for all year round and something I need to invest in more ( ya know if I did have money to splurge). They are just so elegantly pretty. Who cares if they don't support you or push em up. They are beautiful bras.

Oh and finnaly the DW watch. How I have always love Daniel Wellington designs. I believe I have mentioned it on my blog various times and pinned them like crazy. A classy simple statement watch. Why are you not on my wrist yet?



  1. I ordered the Misguided Khloe camel coat this morning..can't wait for it to arrive :)

    lovely picks,

    X Emma |

  2. Love it all!

  3. I simply love the every item at those photos! Great list! Mostly I am in need only for reading beauty and fashion blogs to look great, and reading something like reviews to be a successful student. Your blog gives me exactly what I need.

  4. I love all items on that list! Ripped leather jeans is such a great combo, almost like translation services online - the best features combined together, what can be better? :)


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