Wednesday, 11 June 2014

N E W I N | ST TROPEZ Gradual Firming Tan, 4 in 1.

ST TROPEZ gradual firming tan around £20 a bottle.
Super beauty body scrub around £5

I had a nice surprise from my boyfriend the other day ( or was he making up for having to cancel on our London trip together...). Anyway he bought me not one, but three bottles of St Tropez gradual firming tan because he noticed I had ran out of my usual St Moriz instant tan. He told me he was searching for the best and decided to go with St Tropez and there was also an offer on so he didn't spend the full £20 on each bottle. That would have been crazy. I have always been content with my bargain St Moriz tan because it honestly does the job quite well. It's been a treat though to try this new one and have a combined, firming, toning, moisturiseing tan to glide on with no awful smell (not that St Moriz left a biscuit smell but most gradual tans do!). The only problem with gradual tans are that they are gradual and so you have to be patient and persistent! So I still need an instant tan for pale day emergencies. But this St Tropez gradual tan saves me from investing in a firming moisturiser, and it gives me a glow at the same time. It's a winner really. I also grabbed a new body scrub from boots to keep my skin from going patchy. The honey and vanilla smell is heavenly.

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  1. Really want to try this! Wish I wasn't such a broke student at the no so I could actually afford it haha

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