Tuesday, 24 June 2014

L I F E | A weekend in London.

Two weekends ago I went to London for the Queen's birthday parade. I felt very lucky to be there as my ticket was free and they are impossible to get. I could see David Cameron from my stand, but not close enough to get a sneaky picture. I went in lilac and white because I thought it was a summery occasion where black was not acceptable. It was odd dressing so formal and having a fancy flower in my hair to fit in a bit more, y'know. We had breakfast opposite the Horse guards before the parade started and then we had lunch which was all a part of the day. So so much food to choose from, it was too good - however my boyfriend's auntie is a bad influence and I got a wee bit drunk the night before which kind of set me up with a hangover for the morning and I couldn't quite appreciate the food. Soul destroying. 

The next day was kind of a typical tourist day out in London seeing the sights. Well what typical tourist can say they had a selfie outside Number Ten? It was odd going down a blocked off street surrounded by security, and having my bags checked before going down, but it was cool to go on the ever so famous political street. 

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  1. Must've been lovely going to the queens birthday parade! I live a twenty minute train journey from Central London so I think I take all the touristy bits for granted!

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