Friday, 9 May 2014

N E W I N | Birkenstock dupes and a bralet.

Shoes: Topshop, £26
Bralet: H&M £1.99

Not Birks but I don't care. I love the style whether they are the real deal or not. So many places do cheaper versions that are pretty much exactly the same. These Topshop dupes are amazingly comfy too. They had them in white but I preferred them in black, so now I am building up a heavy collection of black sandals. A white pair of shoes are still missing from my life but every time something catches my eye, it's sold out anyway. Typical. I couldn't resist this bargain bralet from H&M either. I'm thinking I will pair it with my 'Birks', high waist black skinny jeans, a big hat and a red lip. (When the weather cheers up of course.)

llh x

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