Thursday, 16 January 2014

L I F E | Hair.

If you can see my hair in the previous post then you will be able to tell I had quite a bit chopped off. After seeing those photo's I knew instantly it had to be done. Long hair just doesn't seem to do anything for me. It just hangs there and as my hair is so fine, it looks really thin and flat. Having a blunt chop with a few inches took off, with one layer running through the back, my hair looks thick and healthy again and I really need to maintain it! I also use Bumble&Bumble thickening hairspray when my hair is damp to give it that lift. I once was sworn by Matrix So Silver shampoo which you can purchase online or from a hairdressers, and so I purchased some again as it's the strongest silver shampoo I have ever used. I tried to use cheaper versions over the past months but they really didn't have the same effect. Matrix really does take all brassiness out of blonde hair and you see the results instantly, with my hair anyway.  My housemates said they thought my hair suited me this length and they think I should even go shorter, but erm, I think I'll pass... I'm not that brave!

llh x


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  1. ha ha I agree with your housemates. Looks lovely! That thickening spray sounds like a dream x


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