Wednesday, 27 November 2013

NEW IN | Estée Lauder, Double Wear.

I have finally found the one. My foundation experience has been horrendous over the years. From patchiness, to dryness to being too shiny - it has well and truly been a mare. Furthermore I had to reapply at least two times a day (I admit I had a problem) but in my defense my foundation just wore away so quickly. So I did my research and sacrificed those drugstore brands which I thought were so good for my bank account,  for something that was that bit more expensive. For around £28 I really had to make sure this was the one.

I started off with testers, with the popular brand MAC and then of course Estée Lauder. I found MAC studio fix too thick and sticky for my liking, whereas Lauder applied smoothly and more lightweight. The coverage is truly wonderful, no wonder it is known as 'Double Wear'. Even better is the fact I have had no break outs. And the important question, how long in the day does it last?  I feel amazed to say I do not even need to reapply it through a typical day of uni or work.  The only times I may touch up certain areas again is if I want to feel fresh again for going somewhere, like dinner.

Foundation shade has been my worst enemy for years. As someone who wears a light tan often, I have to go up in shade from my normal skin tone, this often leads to orangeness or patchiness when the foundation fades away. I use the shade Rattan in my Double Wear and it seems to have worked so well for me.

In retrospect, investing in a higher end foundation is better off in the long run. It is longer lasting and way more better quality to any other foundation I have previously experienced. Also, it's nice to add a bit of classiness to my makeup bag.

llh x


  1. Haha too funny can tell you've been essay writing 'furthermore' and 'retrospect'!! I have a tester of this that I haven't used yet. I wanna see how it looks on you tomorrow and if it's good I may have to invest myself! xxx

  2. It's really gone to the head! And yeh, no doubt I will still look orange next to you! xxx

  3. Oooh may have to test this one out, like you I'm still looking for 'the one' ha xxx

  4. love ur blog...wanna follow each other?

  5. I had never really splurged on foundation before because I couldn't justify it, then I randomly asked on twitter for a good one, got recommended this. I went and had a match & straight away I purchased it, I would never look back now. I will re-purchase this over and over now & am also recommending it to all of my friends :) xx

  6. I used to own this and was my favourite UNTIL they decided to change the formula :( I may go and get a sample to see if its back to the original as it was perffeccttt!! xx

  7. Very tempted to purchase this for the new year! Great post!! Emma XXX


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