Thursday, 4 July 2013

L I F E | Instagram #5

New shoes/Krispy kreme time/chilling by the deep in Hull/best refreshing Ribena drink/drunktimes on sand!/TOWIE after a night out, you know it/feeling neon/on the train to Hull to meet friends/too many trains changes/ wining while dining/ bf capturing me doing my hair/selfie at the start of a productive day/work times/ seflie/ sick apps (download cocoppa)/new phone/ putting on my St Tropez gradual/ MAC foundation testers.

Hey everyone. I have had a very busy few days involving Hull, trains, partying, shopping and catching up with friends. I then have to go to London tomorrow because I am off to see Robbie Williams perform at Wembley arena so that should be fun! I need to learn to start packing light though because the bag I had to carry back with me today killed me, plus it was so hot at points and I did not pack well for the weather at all. My shoes started to rub on me so I found the flatforms I wanted in my size and wore them instead this afternoon! (Good reason to buy new shoes ;) I had my pork pie hat on but oh my it was windy at some points I was so worried about losing it. Luckily I had my shades on me to protect from the sun and to cover up hungover eyes.  Hope everyone else has had a fun packed week.

llh x

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