Saturday, 11 May 2013

L I F E | Instagram #2

From left to right
Finally found my name on a Coke Zero bottle(was a happy moment), enjoyed a night out in Lincoln with my friends, felt like Alexa Chung for the day, just posing for a new blog photo, admiring the amazing Beyonce on the cover of Vogue, enjoyed the bank holiday weekend in Scarborough with my fam, attempted and failed at writing my name in the sand, decided I couldn't be bothered to fold for packing (lazy), just posing in my new Primark top, having yummy Costa fruit cooler to keep me sane through dissertation proposal, posing again in my new top, accidently saved a Snapchat of my ... shocked face?, decided to personalise notebooks with Laura Ashley wallpaper, wearing my new dungaree's, yummy drinks and snacks with my best friend Jessica who came up to Lincoln for a few days.

Hope you all had a exciting week too :)

Also if you follow my blog via GFC and you do not through BlogLovin I would be so grateful if you could transfer to read my blog on BlogLovin before GFC closes down. Thanks!

llh x


  1. aww that was such a cute night! we need to get on the passoa again! xxx

  2. I know it was so nice! Miss you ! xxx

  3. Hi, just found your blog and I live in Lincoln too! Small world, ey?! x

    1. It is isn't it! I go to Uni in Lincoln :) Thanks for reading and following my blog :) x


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