Wednesday, 17 April 2013

L I F E | Instgram #1

I have not yet gone this amount of time without a new blog post. I feel so so terrible about it. What have I been doing?? Well i had five days up in Edinburgh with some family which was nice to have a break for a while. I do like Edinburgh as a city. It's so pretty. Some of the buildings are gorge I can't believe i didn't take any photo's of them. I kinda would love to go to Glasgow though, apparently it's better for shopping over there? Although Edinburgh has two H&M's so i didn't complain as Lincoln have NONE. What place has no H&M. Sort it out Linc.

It has been Easter so I spent some time at home with my family and the pug who above looks unimpressed with trying on my hat. Then my part time job has took over as well as catching up with close friends. I now have a horrendous week ahead of me that is filled with essay deadlines, argh. Student problems.

Summer can not come quick enough!

More interesting posts to come, promise :)

Laura xx


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