Monday, 11 February 2013

Pretty room even with a student budget.

My favorite room, my University room.

Making my room homely and comfortable at Uni is the best thing. Such a bliss feeling to relax after a hard day of researching and studying....(ha jokes, usually only towards my close deadlines) Being a student makes it hard financially to invest in things i truly adore and go even more crazy on buying  pretty shabby chic items. Little shabby hut shops, even charity shops and Primark though is all you really need sometimes to get the nicest things on a budget. Tried to do the best so far that i can with my room, although i still think my walls are a bit naked... 

I wish i could also show you photographs of my closest friends uni room. I will create another post and ask her to send her her pictures as it is so nice. I might even try and persuade her to do her own blog on her interior ideas because she has a huge passion for it, and it would make such a good blog. 
Laura xx

Wish i did have this wallpaper...



  1. Nice pastel colors!

  2. Wow your room is amazing! It's so effortlessly chic, I love it!
    - Jen, xo


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